Searching for Culinary Delights

About Me

I’m Harald, a culinary critic and food enthousiast in the broadest sense of the word, always searching for culinary delights. Either to cook or bake, but also to eat and enjoy. I love to discover new gastronomic destinations. Born and raised in The Netherlands, I now live both in The Netherlands with my two sons (Jan and Tijn) and in the UK with my partner Joanne.

I started writing about food in January 2019 when I founded this blog. Before that, I always had a serious interest in food, restaurants and gastronomy for as long as I can remember and many people had said to me that I really ought to do something with all that knowledge and those experiences.
During one of our restaurant visits, my partner said to me: you should do restaurant reviews! And that’s how it started:

I write honest reviews, as I experience things as a guest. Reading my reviews, gives you an unbiased view of what you can expect when you would visit the restaurant. My main focus is the food, but I will give my overall opinion and will elaborate on other things when I feel the need to do so.
So no instagrammable selfies, no promotional mambo jambo or empty chitchat, no good or bad reviews, just honest and fair restaurant reviews!