Chefsrevolution 2022 | Zwolle (NL)

An impression of a very special wine & dine lunch.
All dishes bringing surprise, mouth pleasing joyfulness and utter satisfaction!

On Sunday 4 September 2022 the 5th edition of CHEFS®EVOLUTION took place in Zwolle. Organized and hosted by Jonnie and Thérèse Boer from restaurant De Librije *** in cooperation with Thomas and Carola Ruhl from team Port Culinaire.

The gastronomy is in need of chefs who experiment and research the creative end of the gastronomic sector. This avant-garde gives impetus to the world of culinary art and leads it into the future.
The Symposium CHEFS®EVOLUTION tracks down gastronomical trendsetters and brings them to the stage of theater De Spiegel in Zwolle. The event is therefore one of the most prestigious international information and networking platforms for the ambitious gastronomy industry.
Boer&Markt is another big part of the program. A market on the grounds next to the theater and in De Librije, where one can find workshops, contests and tastings. CHEFS®EVOLUTION is therefore an event for industry insiders, but also for all those who are simply interested in good food.

During CHEFS®EVOLUTION a special wine & dine lunch is organized. A 6 course lunch with each course cooked and presented by a different chefs. All chefs are Jonnie Boer’s apprentices and have worked at De Librije at some point. All courses are served with a specially selected wine, perfectly paired with the dish.

Together with 11 other members of our wine club, we enjoyed this very special lunch.
Not a review of the dishes this time as I didn’t make any notes and was far occupied with tasting all the goodies and enjoying the wines!
But let me assure you that all dishes were wonderful, executed with the utmost care and attention, using the best ingredients and bringing surprise, mouth pleasing joyfulness and utter satisfaction!
I did take pictures though. So below an impression.

Bread & Butter
Seabass | Miso | Rouille | Paksoi

By Chef Robin van de Bunt from restaurant De Leuf * in Ubachsberg in the South of The Netherlands.

“Mountain & Valley”
Goat Yoghurt | Kohlrabi | Portobello

By Chef Niels Möller from restaurant Luisenhöhe in Waibstadt, Germany.

Oyster | Eel | Plancton | Caviar | Leek

By Chef Syrco Bakker from restaurant Pure C ** in Cadzand, The Netherlands.

Turbot | Veal Tongue | Pickle | Poultry Gravy

By Chef Jan Smink from Restaurant Smink in Wolvega, The Netherlands.

Roebuck | Black Pepper | Leek

By Chef Nelson Tanate of restaurant De Librije *** in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

“Mispelblom” Cocktail

This cocktail is part of the dessert below.

Goat Yoghurt | Lemon Crème | Apple Jus | Ice Cream

By Chef Peter Gast from restaurant Graphite * in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Coffee & Sweets