De Saffraan | Amersfoort (NL)

I didn’t do a review of this visit, but still wanted to share the pictures!
We had dinner on 24 juli 2021.

Solidified vegetable soup
Sesame cracker, horse radish and pickled cucumber
Merengue of combucha and crème of gado gado
Ox sausage, duck liver, wild garlic and buttermilk

Mellow flavours unless you hit the mustard seeds or the pickled onion. Summery taste.

Chevice of sea bass

Beautiful fresh. With cucumber and red chillies and white sesame seeds and some dots of jalapeno mayo

Tartare of beef with smoked egg yoke

Jalapeno mayo cutting nicely through. Nice texture

Monkfish with chanterelles yoghurt foam and young garden peas

Terragon breadcrumbs. Quite al dente peas. Pleasant combination with interesting hints of the yoghurt and mushrooms to complement the meaty monkfish. 

Pike Pearch with bbq fennel, sambal, tomato broth and crispy chicken skin

Tiny bit of heat from the sambal. Would have liked more. Fennel works nice with the fish. Nothing overpowered, which is always nice. Tomato broth brought a subtle harmony to the dish. 

Veal sweetbread with kroepoek

Pickled vegetable sauce of gado gado and tom kha kai

Venison with cherry, turnip and a venison jus with chocolate

Nice 2 bits of venison. Cherry jelly and a lovely jus. But honestly, this is way too small. We are not in the eighties anymore where tiny portions were the trend. 

Elderflower sorbet and lime bavarois with green strawberries and cookie crumbs and Nustergion leaf

Too much elderflower (soapy). Sharp lemon. Very sharp citrus gel. No harmony in the dish. Could have been a nice dessert with a few tweaks.

The Saffraan