Pulpo Negro | New Alresford (UK)

I didn’t do a review of this visit, but still wanted to share the pictures!
We had lunch on 10 Juli 2021

Pregnant Bread (£4.50)

Villa Rosa cheese (a herbed farmer’s cheese, made from raw cow’s milk. The addition of rosemary, oregano and basil provides a little extra spice.)

Croquetas (£7)
Spinach< Navarra Chickpeas & Sourdough Garlic Croutons (£6.50)
Chicken Thighs, Hazelnuts & Burnt Leek Emulsion (£8.50)
Crispy Potatoes & Morcilla, Globe Artichoke Emulsion & Piquillo Vinegar (£8)
Cornish Sea Bream, Rosemary & Manzanilla Butter (£9.50)
Barbecue Pulpo, Potato & Caper Vinaigrette & Ink Emulsion (£12)
Iruki Semintal Basque Beef Meatballs, Pardina Lentils & Salsa Verde (£10)