The Beehive | White Waltham (UK)

I didn’t do a review of this visit, but still wanted to share the pictures!
We had dinner on 7 July 2021.

Scotch Eggs (£3.95)

Crispy golden outside, succulent sausage meat inside, with a runny quails egg in the center. What’s not to love! We are a big fan of the Scotch eggs at The Beehive and Alicia knows it! Again, we didn’t have to order them as they were already waiting for us. Delicious as always. Thanks!

Mini Loaves & Butter

Freshly baked white mini loaves covered with poppy seeds and salted butter.

Linguine of Cornish Crab, Cockles, Shrimps, Chilli, Garlic, Lemon & Parsley (£12.95)

The linguine of Cornish crab was on the Today’s Specials list. Al dente linguine pasta covered with an abundance of fresh crab meat, cockles and shrimps. Seasoned with chilli, garlic, lemon and parsley. Perfect summer dish, packed with flavour and the scent of the sea!

Buffalo Mozzarella Arancini, Tomato Fondue, Pesto & Parmesan (£9.95)

The other starter was also full of the summer sun. Delectable arancini filled with risotto rice and buffalo mozzarella, topped with parmesan cheese. Laying on a bed of tomato fondue and pesto. A luscious and fragrant vegetarian dish. Love it!

Slow Cooked Devonshire Duck, Creamed Potatoes, Green Beans & Roasting Juices (£24.00)

Enticing, tender, falling of the bone, duck with its pleasingly rich roasting juices. The mash is made with great care at The Beehive. Boiled potatoes are passed through a fine sieve and then whisked up with an abundance of butter, making it unbelievably silky smooth and a naughty comfort.

Peppered Haunch of Wild Hart Venison, Creamed Spinach, Celeriac Puree & Sauce Poivrade (£28.00)

Chef Dominic Chapman loves his venison and I do too! Locally sourced and perfectly prepared. Last week Dominique was hosting a cooking demonstration at Pub in the Park in Marlow and he cooked this exact dish. Just looking at the demonstration made your mouth water! Rich peppery sauce and plenty of it. That’s what I like to see!

Triple Cooked Chips (£3.95)

I’ve said it before. Triple cooked chips are frequently offered on menu’s, but what’s being served disappoints too many times. Not at The Beehive though! Like the Scotch eggs, irresistible!

Poached Peaches, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Strawberry Sorbet & Mint (£8.50)

Poached peach with mint. Slice of moist lemon drizzle cake and a quenelle of strawberry sorbet. Looks a bit of an odd combination on the plate, but all together it works.

Buttermilk Pot, Apricots, Elderflower Ice Cream & Shortbread (£8.95)

Buttermilk pot, like a thick yoghurt resembling Dutch hangup (see my recipe), topped with apricots and nectarous elderflower ice cream. Sweet, fragrant and extremely pleasing to the taste.

Chocolate Beehive & Salted Caramel and Elderflower & Lemon Jelly

Housemade sweets with our coffees. The beehive chocolate filled with salted caramel and a sweet-scented jelly with elderflower and lemon.