Tredwells | London (UK)

A brasserie with an haute-twist! An interesting and varied menu with great flavours.
This lunch offered high-end comfort food!

Surrounded by some of London’s most famous theatres, right in the vibrant heart of West End’s Covent Garden, we find Marcus Wareing’s casual, multi-floor diner Tredwells. Named after the butler in Agatha Christie’s 1929 novel “The Seven Dials Mystery”, the restaurant opened in September 2014 as part of the Marcus Wareing restaurant group that also includes Marcus * and The Gilbert Scott.

Set over three floors, the contrasting light and dark textures and tones create a relaxed, yet sophisticated atmosphere. Like a French brasserie. We were seated upstairs on the mezzanine just next to a large art deco style clock, made out of cutlery!

Cutlery Clock at Tredwells
Cutlery Clock at Tredwells

Chef Patron is Chantelle Nicholson. Originally from New Zealand, Chantelle trained as a lawyer, before discovering her passion for food. After entering the Gordon Ramsay Scholarship competition in 2014, she was offered a job at The Savoy Grill by Marcus Wareing, which made her move from Wellington to London. Working her way up, Chantelle worked Pétrus (then by Marcus Wareing). and made it to Senior Sous Chef. She helped open The Gilbert Scott in 2011 as General Manager and Tredwells in 2014. In 2015 she returned to the kitchen. Besides Chef Patron, Chantelle is also Group Operations Director for Marcus Wareing Restaurants.

Tredwells is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Besides à la carte, they offer a Pre-Theatre Menu (2 courses at £25, 3 courses at £30), a 6-course Taste of Tredwells (at £45, the Veggie version is £39), 3-course Sunday Roast (at £30). And besides a Junior Menu, they also offer a 5-course Tredwells Culinary Kids Menu, including a kids cocktail (at £17).

We had lunch three weeks ago on a Saturday. They had a special offer at that time: 3-courses and a Gunpowder Gimlet cocktail at £29, which we took. You could choose from 4 Starters, 4 Mains, 8 Sides, 3 Desserts and a Cheeseboard.

Crispy Lamb Croquette, Pink Peppercorn, Aubergine
Crispy Lamb Croquette, Pink Peppercorn, Aubergine

The croquette was packed with roast lamb meat, full of flavour and great taste. Crust could have been more cripsy. Felt like the frying oil hadn’t been hot enough. Slice of grilled aubergine was a nice condiment. Citrusy mayo went very well with the croquette. Nice!

Chargrilled Prawns, Cuttlefish Stew, Cracker
Chargrilled Prawns, Cuttlefish Stew, Cracker (£3 supplement)

Good chargrilled flavour on the prawns. Tender cuttlefish in a bouillabaisse style sauce. Great combination with the prawns as well. Cracker was like a cassava prawn cracker. Lovely dish!

Pork Collar, Chorizo Jam, Swiss Chard
Pork Collar, Chorizo Jam, Swiss Chard

Loved the pork collar (we call it rollade in Dutch), with a good balance of meat and fat. Very tender and succulent. Tasty chorizo jam was particularly nice when eating together with the pork. The pork cracker was a bit tough, but swiss chard adding adding some crunch. Well balanced and very tasty!

Grilled Hanger Steak, Braised Onion, Peppercorn Sauce
Grilled Hanger Steak, Braised Onion, Peppercorn Sauce (£5 supplement)

Well grilled hanger steak, with a good bbq flavour. Nice bold jus around it and a punchy peppercorn sauce on the side. Soft braised onion on top. Good steak!

Triple Cooked Chips
Triple Cooked Chips (£5)

Excellent triple cooked chips, well seasoned with salt. You can taste the calories, but actually that’s what you want with chips!

Fig Leaf and Goat's Milk Panna Cotta, Poached Amarillo Peach
Fig Leaf and Goat’s Milk Panna Cotta, Poached Amarillo Peach

Proper wobble in the panna cotta with a hint of goat’s milk. Fig leaf coming through nicely (like a bay leaf or macha flavour). Some peach wedges on the side with cookie crumbs. All nice, although the panna cotta and peach don’t really connect. More two different dessert on a plate.

Salted Caramel Soft Serve, Honeycomb
Salted Caramel Soft Serve, Honeycomb

Creamy salted caramel ice cream, with sweet honeycomb. Very rich sweetness, so the portion was just right. A very comforting refreshment.

Service here was prompt and smiling. Not to formal and in line with the overall atmosphere. One of the waiters looked like a bouncer working on his career change. He was clearly not yet in his comfort zone, when serving food or pouring wine, But at least he was trying and I wish him all the best!

Tredwells is a brasserie with an haute-twist! An interesting and varied menu, with great flavours. A few minor issues with some of the dishes, but overall this lunch offered high-end comfort food. And at great value for money I might add. A recommendable place for a nice lunch during your London’ shopping spree, a pre-theatre dinner close to your theatre or just for a relaxed dinner out!